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Mayor Bowser fields questions from student journalists

Sierra Lewter and Autumn Parrish

April 17, 2017No Comments

Mayor Muriel Bowser invited a group of D.C. student journalists to an Inaugural Mayoral Roundtable on Feb. 2 to discuss important topics including D.C. statehood, the DCTAG Program, the future of education, DCPS’s new Chancellor Antwan Wilson, charter schools, coding, sanctuary cities and much more. One of the first questions to spark interesting dialogue was posed from a student journalist representing School Without Walls who asked Mayor Bowser about how the District’s federally funded D.C...

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  • President Obama Touts Education Gains: Visits Banneker for the Second Time October 18, 2016
  • SYEP Visits The Washington Post August 29, 2016

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Adventures of Donald and Hillary Monopoly

Marquis Frazier

August 10, 2016No Comments


  • August 3, 2016

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Student affected by immigration ban speaks out

Nima Ghasoor, Contributor

February 23, 2017No Comments

As an immigrant from Iran, I was outraged by Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign, but I never thought that he would actually act upon the principles he preached if elected o...

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Jasmin Woodruff, Reporter

August 6, 2015No Comments

This issue's featured locker is freshman Nia Anderson’s locker. Nia has streamers coming from the top of her locker and organizers at the top and bottom of her locker. She also has mirrors on...

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Miriam Boye, Banneker Academic H.S., SOTC 2016, Reporter

August 4, 2016No Comments

The construction was like a dinosaur constantly roaring in my ears. The smell was very musty, and dust was flying everywhere. The calm, stoic Marines walking past in their...

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News and Views from D.C. area High Schools
News and Views from D.C. area High Schools