The National Archives Museum: Documents that define the United States

Dimas Molina

The Fresh Ink group went down to the National Archives Building on July 6th, 2018. The group went to meet with the Education Specialist Katie Munn. She spoke to us about the special documents that they hold at the National Archives Building. Those documents are important to the United States, these documents define what the United States went through. She showed us the Declaration of Independence and told us that it was stored in direct sunlight and how the document is a bit faded due to the sunlight. She also told us that these important documents were taken out of the United States when the World War II occurred, they were scared that they were going to burn down those important documents. ¬†She showed us a letter that President John F. Kennedy wrote saying that he nominates Thurgood Marshall to be a judge in the supreme court. The other president who appointed him was Lyndon Johnson, she wanted him to fill out a seat because the other judge was planning to retire soon. Lastly, she showed us a letter that a thirteen-year-old boy wrote saying that comic books aren’t poisoning and that they should be preserved, and not banned. Throughout our stay at the National Archives building, we saw interesting things around the room and we saw nice books and interesting documents.