Richard Wright Public Charter School visits AHS


Students from the Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts visited AHS to learn about The A-Blast and how it is run. This visit took place during R5 on Nov. 4. The recently opened school is located in Washington, D.C.

Journalism students paired off with the guest students and explained their role on the newspaper. They discussed topics from the software they use to the online content they post. There were discussions between photographers, editors, writers and videographers.

“I am benefiting a lot from this, I am learning a lot more about the software ,” Justin Crowder said, who is a freshman at Richard Wright.

“I like this set up for the newspaper, and this will help us develop ours a lot better, instead of looking up the information online,” freshman Akiya Kenc said, who also attends Richard Wright.

While half of the students were in the classroom, the co-editors in chief talked to the other half about the website. Then both groups switched. Lunch was served for all of the students.