Banneker SGA Members Share Their Plans

We all remember the pomp and circumstance surrounding the intense Student Government Association (SGA) campaigning and election here at Benjamin Banneker. But who are the people we voted for and what are they doing?

An interview with two members of the SGA, Karim Sewell, a 10th grader and the Sophomore Class President, and Demi Stratmon, a senior and the SGA President, gave insight into SGA plans for the year.

Even this early in the school year, the SGA has plans in motion. According to Karim, he and the Sophomore Class Secretary, Raya Henderson, “are in midst of creating a twitter account, through Mr. Gazda, so that Banneker Achievers are fully aware of schedule changes, after-school options, clubs, sports, games, etc.” He is also in the process of collecting club ideas from students to increase Banneker’s options.

As SGA president, Demi is busy planning to create a suggestion and concern box, which the SGA will review and discuss every week to plan actions for resolution. Additionally, SGA members attended a meeting with the Banneker PTA, the school’s administration, and Deputy Chief of Secondary Schooling to discuss the grading scale.

When asked why they joined the SGA both Karim and Demi demonstrated dedication to advocating on the behalf of the student body.

Demi adds that “if the students do not take the time to tell SGA members what is on their minds, we cannot help them.”

The SGA meets every Wednesday in Mr. Gazda’s room to discuss school affairs and events such as fundraising, the pep rally, and spirit week