The Kidnapping

Her name is Brittney, and this is her story. She lives in the Los Angeles, California and is sixteen years old.

“BRITTNEY!” her mother calls. “Yes mom,” said Brittney. “Your friends are outside.” said her mother. “Okay mom, I am coming” said Brittney. “When will you get back from the mall Brit?” her mother asked. Brittney replied “Around eight.” “Okay Brit, be safe and do not talk to strangers,” said her mother. Brittney then rolled her eyes bluntly at her mother because she had just turned sixteen and thought she knew how the world works. Then Brittney left the house and hopped in her best friend Julia’s new car and drove off to the mall. It was a 2016 BMW 6 Series 640i Convertible. Or as she called it the “Low Rider”. Anyway, Brittney and Julia were going to South Coast Plaza Mall; one of America’s biggest malls. They decide to venture around the mall for two hours then eat, then venture for another two hours, then get a snack, and venture until it was time to go. However, they got more in their mall experience than they had initially expected.

After a couple of hours, they decided to go to the H&M to see if they could find a new pair of skinny jeans for Brittney. When they thought they had found the perfect pair, Brittney went to try them on. When she came out of the room with the pants on, Julia was nowhere to be found. So, she looked around in the H&M for her. She found her talking to a tall man. He looked as if he were 30. He was Caucasian and had a full beard. He had on a pair of super skinny H&M jeans and an H&M floral print button up shirt, untucked. The weirdest thing that Brittney could not wrap her head around was that he was talking to Julia, a 16 year old girl. So, Brittney walked over to them and said “How do these look to Julia.” Julia said “They look fine.” Then Brittney proceeded to say “So, are you going to introduce me to your friend?” Julia rolled her eyes and said, “This is Jonathan, he is a senior in college and is an H&M model. He was just talking to me about how we would be great for the modelling business.” Brittney then looked around the H&M they were in and said “If you’re an H&M model, why aren’t your pictures on the wall and why are you in this H&M right now.” Jonathan replied by saying “I just became an H&M model so, my pictures aren’t up yet and I am advertising the store.” Jonathan then proceeded to ask “Do you guys want to come to my next photo shoot tonight. It’s in an Hour.” Then Julia replied “YES! We have to go.” Brittney then said “I don’t know, I have to be back home by 5 o’clock and my mom—” Jonathan cut her off by saying “It will be fine we will be finished by 7 o’clock and have you home by 8” Julia then whispered in Brittany’s ear “We have to do this. It will be okay. I promise.” Brittney then agrees with a nod of the head and when Jonathan is done at work, he agrees to take them. But there is a wild surprise waiting for Brittney at the shoot.

They decide to take Julia’s car over to Jonathan’s because it’s nicer and bigger than his motorcycle with the joined cart. Jonathan drives them. Jonathan then takes them to a huge abandoned building with no other cars parked. He says, “Do you like the area?” No one replies. He pulls up to the building and Brittney begins to panic and starts asking questions, “Who is your manager? Where do you live? Who is taking photos of you?” When they enter, there is expensive photo taking materials everywhere. However, there is no one in there. Julia and Brittney find a chair and sit down while Jonathan gets ready for his shoot. Then they hear a loud knock. It is his photographer. She walks in and says, “Who are these two little girls Jonathan?” Jonathan says, “Our specimens.” Then the photographer says, “Why them, they’re so young?” Jonathan replies by saying, “They were the only two stupid enough to come with me to my ‘photo shoot’”. The photographer then dramatically laughs. As soon as all of this process in Brittney and Julia’s minds, they make a run for it. Then the photographer shoots Julia in the back with a handheld tranquilizer gun and Jonathan grabs Brittney and whispers in her ear, “Don’t panic.” While the photographer reloads her tranquilizer gun and aims it at Brittney. Brittney manages to escape Jonathan’s clutches, but does not go very far because the photographer shoots her as she tries to escape the building. When Brittney and Julia wake up they are on an operating table next to each other, getting some type of fluid pumped into each other. The photographer is next to Brittney, and says “ Wakey, Wakey. My name is Dr. Huber and I will be operating on you. You will be dissected and your organs will be switched with the organs of other animals and you will be immobilized.” Brittney looks up at her and starts to scream. She has an immense amount of pain in her knees. She looks down at her knees and sees stitches across her knee caps. She then asks, in a very sickly voice, Dr. Huber “What did you do to my knees?” Dr. Huber replies “I took your kneecaps out of your knees so you could not escape,” and starts to laugh. When Dr. Huber leaves the room, Julia starts to wake up and notice where she is and feel the pain in her knees she begins to scream. Then Brittney tells Julia the situation and they know they have to escape.

Brittney and Julia begin to remember what happened to them in the abandoned building. So, the start to panic and cry. Brittney then pulls herself together and says we must escape, to Julia. So Brittney sits up and pulls the IV out of her body. She then rolls out of the bed and crawls out of the room to the steps. As the agonizing pain rushes through her body she trembles, but does not quit. She attempts to crawl up the stairs before Dr. Huber is able to catch her. Then Julia follows her. Brittney then realizes that she is in a house. When Brittney makes it to the top of the stairs she pushes the door open with her head and crawls out. She signals to Julia to speed up. Brittany sees Dr. Huber on her couch watching TV. She then hears a knock on the door: It’s Jonathan. As Dr. Huber goes to open the door, Brittney waits and listens. They discuss the operation and how it would be conducted. They then agree to conduct the operation in one hour. They wanted to leave and get something to eat before conducting it. This was Brittney’s chance to escape. So, she waited until Dr. Huber left with Jonathan. It was Brittney’s time to escape so she crawled to the phone to call 911, but Dr. Huber forgot her purse inside and saw her attempting to escape. So she signaled to Jonathan, “Come on let’s do it now!” They caught Brittney and Julia and put them back on the operating table, but this time handcuffed to the tables. They decided to conduct the experiment then and there. Right when Jonathan and Dr. Huber were ready to start, there was loud knock on the door. Dr. Huber said “Damnit! Who could this be?” She stomped upstairs to see the police at her door. She opened the door and asked, “What’s the problem Officers?” The Officer said, “I am Officer Arnolds and this is Officer Walters. We received a noise complaint saying that there were screams coming from your basement. Would you care to let us check around your house?” Dr. Huber replied “Do you have a warrant?” The Officer then said, “No.” Dr. Huber slammed the door in his face. Then she ran downstairs and said, “We are good to go.” Dr. Huber then began the operation until another knock on the door occurred. It was the same police officers that were at her door a couple of hours ago. However, this time they had a warrant. Dr. Huber knew she was dead this time.

When the officers entered her house they immediately went for the basement. Dr. Huber shouted, “Jonathan run! It’s twelve.” Jonathan ran then out the door, but was stopped by Officer Walter. Officer Walter shot at him but missed. This cost him because his gun jammed and, Jonathan turned around and stabbed him with a stray piece of glass. That left Officer Arnold alone to fend for himself. Once, Officer Arnold caught up to Dr. Huber they were left to a standoff. Officer Arnold’s says “Just give up Ms. Now just lay down on the ground.” Dr. Huber then said “Never!” and ran towards him like a maniac. But, Officer Arnold’s shot her in her face between her eyes as she approached him. Then Jonathan snuck up on him and punched him in the back which made him drop his gun. Officer Arnold turned around and they looked each other in the eyes. Jonathan then threw a punch at Officer Arnold, but was not aware that the Officer was a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So, Officer Arnold’s blocked the punch and put him into a flying triangle choke where the victim can be brutally choked to death by wrapping your legs around their neck in a fashion where they will be choked. However, he wrapped the choke to tight and snapped his neck. Officer Arnold’s then called for backup to aid Officer Walters and help get aid for the girls.

After the girls’ situation, they turned out fine. However, they were given artificial legs because their stitches in their knees were incorrectly sewn and the string used was not clean which lead to infection. They had to go through ten years of therapy to fully recover from the incident. Brittney and Julia today are students at UCLA who are both majoring in psychology. As for the Officers; Officer Walter recovered from the stabbing and is now retired and living in a rural part of Georgia with his wife while Officer Arnold is now a DEA agent. Arnolds was promoted because of his courage and his bravery during the incident. Both Officers received the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama. Everyone now knows to not talk to strangers.