Another Day in the Life in Washington, D.C.

Four young female journalists took a walk toward the Navy Yard. The weather was sunny, and the streets were noisy from the car horns and the wheels scraping the road as the red light quickly changed to green. The female journalists visited an organic food market not far from the Navy Yard train station. It felt cool, like a mist of wind hitting your face as soon as you walked in the door. The smell of coffee and pumpkin spice from the Starbucks inside instantly hit them. A man was actually sitting inside drinking iced Starbucks coffee and reading The Washington Post newspaper.

The fruits and vegetables were fresh and well organized and almost color coordinated. Even though the food seemed fresh, the customers were very concerned about the food they picked. The red, juicy watermelons that sat inside plastic bowls were patiently waiting for someone to pick them up in the free sample section. An employee handed the customers small squares of watermelon, and the customers’ lips curled up in contentment. The customers looked like they were on their lunch break. The men were wearing shirts and ties while the women were in dresses and blouses. Overall, the day seemed normal to the young journalists in the Washington, D.C. area.