Four Girls Walk Into a Grocery Store

Jasmine Seawright and three Summer Youth Employment participants took a walk outside, and when they came across Harris Teeter, they decided to stop inside for a refreshing beverage to escape the heat and humidity. She couldn’t help but notice how high the AC was at the front entrance of the grocery store.

There were many different carts to choose from — carts for the elderly and both large and small carts for groceries. Fruits and vegetables were located at the front entrance and the meat products were located at the back half of the grocery store. They were all color coordinated in neat positions which is very creative compared to other grocery stores.

Seawright continued to browse throughout the grocery store for her beverage, and she noticed that there were many mini bars, food samples and fairly low prices on the products. She noticed customers sampling watermelon, and their smiling faces showed that it was a satisfying treat. The refreshing sample and the fact that it was free probably contributed to the large line of customers waiting for a bite. Seawright was further convinced that this was a great grocery store to puchase her beverage when she overheard one of the customers state, “Yeah, that was a good price.” Because of this comment, she did not hesitate to purchase her drink.