Not Quite a Walk in the Park

Robin Griffith, Phelps SHS, SOTC2016, Reporter

It was a typical summer day, the sun out, the wind blowing, trees swaying, birds chirping — everything was peaceful. Well, everything was peaceful until the Summer Youth Employment Program workers came across the construction, after only a block away from Richard Wright Public Charter School, where they started. It was loud and distracting, so they moved on. As they passed by, the SYEP workers saw cars and huge trucks. When they turned the corner, they noticed a veterinarian and neutering business with many dogs waiting to be seen. There were a variety of dogs: large ones, small ones and even fluffy ones panting in the heat.

After walking down the street some more, a man who was sitting on the bench came over to talk to our group leader. Our group leader gestured and cringed, showing that she was uncomfortable that the man was talking to her. The group continued walking to get away from the man. But even when we moved, he continued to talk to her. Seeing her in distress, they tried to save her but failed because he followed her and proceeded to try to talk to her. The students, including myself, decided to walk back to Richard Wright Public Charter School to escape this awkward situation. At this point, the man left our group leader alone, and we made it safely back to the school. The day started and ended peacefully.