In Heat: July 1, 2016

As soon as we step outside, I can feel my face covered with mascara and sweat. Not long after that, the complaining starts about how hot it is and the distance we have to walk. Despite that, we all continue walking up the hill to the Canal Park at Navy Yard.

The park is surrounded by food trucks, including American, Indian and Mediterranean foods. This mixture of foods and cultures results in a very satisfying smell of steamed, baked, fried, grilled goodness.

By now, the heat and humidity have exhausted us, so we sit down. We notice a bench, but not just any bench: This a wooden, brown, curvy bench that has an open waterfall in the middle. The mixture of water and light create a rainbow of color with red, blue and orange. It smells like chlorine, just like pool water. It was so hot that we ran in and out of the water to cool off. The water was so refreshingly cold that we didn’t even notice the heat anymore.