Walking Down the Market Lanes

After leaving Richard Wright Public Charter School, four girls walked into a store to look around. There were people everywhere throughout the store shopping, asking employees questions and standing in lines. The environment was very lively due to the light music in the background playing and chatter between customers. Even the faintest sounds could be heard such as the squeaks of the shopping carts and the sweeps of the broom from the workers cleaning up. As we walked around the store, it seemed like they had everything you could ask for, except for clothes. There was a refrigerator section, dry food section, hot bar and many more aisles. Some people shopping having more in their shopping carts than others. People scanned the shelves looking for the best deals along with searching the signs above the aisle to look for what they needed. Right after customers found the items they needed they rushed in lines with the shortest amount of people in them and waited for check out.