Politico: Striving for Perfection

Politico is one of the many news companies that is responsible for informing the world. With this responsibility, Politico is focused on one thing: Politics.

“A lot of people don’t even stop to consider the source,” says Matt Wuerker, Politico’s editorial cartoonist and 2012 Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist.

With all of the rumors floating around, there is only one way to be credible: gain it.

As a major news company, the job is to report the truth. Otherwise, it can lose its credibility.

“My son would be online and see ‘news’ and go ‘Dad, look at this, look at this!’ and I go, ‘That’s not even a news site,’” Wuerker shared.

Still, with accuracy comes the inverse relationship with the productivity rate. Wuerker explained that when the world relies on a source for news, then it must be on top of its coverage.

“We pump out roughly 3,000 stories, 2,000 pushed news alerts for subscribers and 1,000 reported morning newsletters in an average month,” Wuerker said. “Soon, we will have more people producing political and policy journalism in Washington, Europe and state capitals than any other news outlet in the world.”

Politico is a growing company that reports the truth as it happens, day-by-day.

“The central mission of Politico, from birth to our current period of growth, has been to help sustain and vastly expand nonpartisan political and policy journalism,” Wuerker said. “We all believe informing readers and holding leaders accountable is and will forever be essential to smart governance, regardless of shifts in technology and consumption habits.”

Politico is looking for the world’s best journalists which, in turn, allows for credible individuals to publish their works.

“The opportunity to masquerade as a journalist is bigger than ever,” Wuerker cautioned.