Past and Present

The construction was like a dinosaur constantly roaring in my ears. The smell was very musty, and dust was flying everywhere. The calm, stoic Marines walking past in their camouflaged uniforms contrasted with the hectic construction happening just down the street. As I continued walking down 8th Street, I felt like I was walking back in time. The brick buildings just a block down from the construction were established in 1801, and the worn brick made it seem like they were the exact same ones from 200 years ago. In front of these buildings, security guards blocked the entrance from any intruders while standing still with straight, stoic faces. As I walked past the old buildings with the Marines guarding them, I could almost feel the chains that slaves wore long ago leading me down the pathway. As I continued walking, the warm, cheesy, meaty smell of Domino’s welcomed me back to the present day.