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Union Station


July 31, 2018

Union Station is a railway station where there are train tracks and various of stores. This station has served the needs of the traveling public since 1907. Union Station is “even busier than the station in New York” said...

National Museum of American Indian

Tyvelle Wilson

July 31, 2018

On our field trip, we went to the National Museum of American Indian and met with Ms. Mandy Van Huevelen. As we interview her we got to know a little bit about herself such as what her native tribe was Sioux. When looking around...

Archives Museum

Xzavier Dickerson

July 26, 2018

If you have not been to the Archives Museum it’s more than just the Declaration Of Independence. I  saw Documents of important time periods such as the 1950’s comic books and about Thurgood Marshall, being the Court 96th...

Voices of the People

Amora Campbell

July 26, 2018

For over 50 years the “ Voices of the People” has been a way for people to help shape their government. A 14 year old boy who wrote to congress on why comic books are appropriate. Using “Voices of the People” citizens...

Armenia takes a trip to the national mall in DC

Milan Peterson

July 25, 2018

Keanu and I Went to the national mall- We talked to people from Armenia. They told us about the tree of life, which is ________ .When they crochet things, they hang them on the tree of life which was very interesting. A lady ex...

Union Station

JaeShawn Champ

July 25, 2018

 A man gave us a tour of Union Station. He took us behind the statue, and explained the backstory on how and why the building looks the way it does. His role was a business manager, and his main focus is on new businesses and ...

National Building Museum: Fun house exibit

Keanu Williams

July 18, 2018

Summer fun has returned to the Building Museum.  The Fun House Exhibit, a destination of pure joy for both children and adults, features a big house and a tub and backyard pool filled with plastic balls. They showcase a new exhi...

The Nation Archives Museum: More than just documents

Nadia Tewolde

July 18, 2018

Tourists come to the National Archives Museum with the intention that the only thing they’ll see is historic documents and only documents. But they forget that history also includes art. At the National Archives in downtown W...

Union Station: Defining Union Station

Brian Garcia

July 18, 2018

A transfer station between Amtrak, MARC and Metro trains. A food court. A mini mall. For many tourists and locals alike, these are the first and only thoughts that come to mind when asked about Union Station. Yet,  Union Sta...

The National Museum of the American Indian: Negatives and Positives of US and American Indian Relations

India Evans

July 18, 2018

By India Evans The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. has a new exhibit called "Nation to Nation" showing how Native Americans and the United States have had a long-running positive and negative relations...

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