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Irmarys Cortes, Guest Fiction Writer

November 24, 2015

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Every exhale was followed by a cloud of smoke. Jonathan had done drugs before, but today was the first time he actually felt he needed it. His memories of that day would not leave him alone and it too much for him. It was all...

Fiction Story: Reed Between the Lines

Ramani Wilson, Guest Fiction Writer

November 17, 2015

Filed under Literary Magazine, Student Life

*Cellphone conversation* “Hello? Is everything alright?” “Hi, may I order a medium cheese pizza with pepperoni and olives please?” “Oh. Another prank? Ma’am are you aware that you called the police?” “Yes, that...


Jenifer Lopez

September 9, 2015

Filed under Literary Magazine

i will write until my hands crumble. create words from ink, which express my mourning, my envy, my anger the mourning of my losses the envy of others the anger within myself i will write until the sun is disabled from casting its sh...

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